Refund Policy


We do not offer trial periods for the Academy modules. 

We operate a no refund policy on Academy modules. We only offer a refund in the event that for whatever reason you are not able to download your online content. 

If you cannot find your online content or need support navigating the platform, we will not refund you, however we will be more than happy to assist you via email or Zoom call at your convenience, to ensure you can log in effectively and understand how to access the courses and online materials. 

Live Classes

We will only offer refund in the event that for whatever reason Kashyap Art. does not make it online or is more than 30 minutes late which you will have the option to ask for a full refund. If this occurs you are still entitled to a full refund for your full class duration. 

Original Drawings

We do not offer refunds on any Kashyap Art Original Drawing. All drawings are bound contractually and agreed/signed by both Kashyap Art  and the recipient of the drawing.